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Can I waive out of Navigation Level One?

You can waive out if you can demonstrate mastery of all the materials covered. Know that Navigation Level One was added to the Tech School curriculum because many students felt they had sufficient skills to go straight to Navigation Level Two. Yet a higher proportion of students were failing Navigation Level Two than any other class offered by the Tech School.

If a student is not able to keep up in Navigation Level Two they are asked to take a back seat for the duration of the field day and will be given a grade of No Pass. Remedial work is not available during Nav2. The remediation is to take Nav1.

Please be aware that the web material for Nav1 is reserved for members who have paid the registration fee.

If you feel fuzzy/rusty on any of the items below, perhaps you should take the class, even though we might cover some other material with which you are already familiar.

What do I need to know to waive out?

You need to know/demonstrate/explain