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Navigation Level One - Basic Map and Compass

This class grew out of a need to help students gain greater familiarity with Basic Map and Compass. Basic Mountaineering Students who were rusty on map and compass or had not yet mastered map and compass struggled on the BMS Navigation field day. We irregularly offered a refresher class but it was not always available and not everyone could come when we did offer it. So we decided to formalize our introduction to map and compass.

This class will teach you the basics of map and compass and will be tailored to help you complete Navigation Level Two, which is required for completion of the Basic Mountaineering certificate.

Resources for Nav 1 will be shared by two groups of students: those who are taking the traditional Basic Mountaineering path and those who are taking the modular path. The content is the same. The chief difference is that the Basic Mountaineering students will work more closely with membeers of their own group.